About us


Bashmak2sHF_Logo_Think_TankHarry Flosser - conception, graphics design, animation, project management.
Born and grew up on the Volga River, in the city of Simbirsk, Russia.
He enjoyed a classical art education and graduated as a teacher of art and technical drawing in Simbirsk, later as a cartoon artist in Moscow and then multimedia-designer in Munich;
Experiences in architecture and design, in animation direction and as a freelance graphic artist enriched his life immensely.
Since 1994, he has been living in Germany, where since he worked as a free artist, as cartoon animator at Linda Film, and as a multimedia designer and educator at the Wildner Media Design Academy in Munich.
Harry says: "Do what you love and live it!"

swetasweta logo 2aaSwetlana Baschmakov - art educator, conception, graphics design, modelling.
Born and grew up in Simbirsk (Ulyanovsk), Russia. Became a teacher of fine art and technical drawing;
Since 1994 she has been living in Germany and since then has been a freelance artist in Bad Sulza, in Weimar and in Munich;
2009 - she has co-founded with Harry Flosser her Art-Studio-B for kids aged 6+ at the Cultural Center Gorod in Munich (www.baschmakov.de );

Swetlana says often: "Might the great concentrate be with you!"


la kulikova n

Larissa Kulikova - graphic design, fashion design, painting.
Born in Russia, where she has been actively involved in art education since her childhood, after this she studied at the Cultural College in the Faculty of Fine Arts and later graduated as an interior designer at Ulyanovsk University. She is a freelance graphic designer and painter. Her pictures can be found in several galleries from New York, Tallinn, Warshaw, Moscow to Seoul.