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miaou 1One picture is better than a thousand words. Thousand images do even more!

One second of animation contains up to 25 images, in one minute, that's already 1500 images. Running behind each other, they set the overall picture in motion. But the movement is not everything: will it live? For the viewer to believe that the characters actually live and make their own decisions, there is a lot of work and passion in every line and spot. The production of a cartoon is therefore very time consuming. For example, a music video takes three to five months to complete.

What takes so much time? Here is a brief overview:

    UNIVERSE (the style of the movie, worlds, backgrounds, objects)
    Post-production (editing, video and sound effects, titles, video file export).

Incidentally, the individual graphics from the animated film can be used in a variety of ways: books, postcards, T-shirts, cups, toys and much more.
An animated film is therefore a complex, widely usable product that captivates the viewer's attention and conveys content alive.

Price examples:

1 minute black and white animation: (all steps above included): 3.000 - 5.000 euros
1 minute color animation: 5.000 - 15.000 euros

You do only need an idea, script or character? We also offer individual elements from our portfolio:

        IDEA: e.g. a short draft in key words, plus 1 or 2 sketches: 150 euros
        SCRIPT: e.g. two A4 pages, plus 1-2 sketches: 400 euros
        STORYBOARD: e.g. an A4 page including 8 frames (equivalent to about 20 seconds of the film): 400 euros
        CHARACTERS: e.g. Description, temperament, including five poses and variants: 500 euros per character
        UNIVERSE: e.g. Film style, decorations, backgrounds, objects, incl. 5-8 detailed illustrations: 500 Euro
        ANIMATION: e.g. with your existing material (logo, corporate design) 1 minute: 1,000 euros
        Music, dialogues, post-processing, as well as all other graphics services: info on request.

    You are not sure which visual product or idea you need? Book us daily for the fixed daily rate of 450, - EUR

The prices are meant as examples only. After a more detailed discussion, you will be pleased to receive an individual offer tailored to your wishes.
We look forward to your interest and your message.

We look forward to your interest and your message.