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 our partner's testimonials:

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"Harry is a genius of nonverbal communication. He tells without telling.
But what he tells with his pictures - animated or not animated - penetrates directly into the heart and electrifies the mind.
Every picture is a world."

PD Dr. Stefan Lindl, Academic Council of the Philosophical-Historical Faculty of the University of Augsburg



mzgtz logo

"Whether as a live drawing artist or as a cartoonist for our Hilton Talk. Harry Flosser convinces through originality, spirit and emotion for many years."
Michael Märzheuser, Märzheuser Kommunikationsberatung GmbH


linke logo menu"For several years, we have been working successfully with Harry Flosser Studios. The exceptional creativity, fast implementation of ideas and the precise and punctual execution of the orders are the mainstays of our cooperation. We feel it as a valuable entrepreneurial advantage if our customers and prospective customers always refer to animations, drawings or symbols, which are unique and expressive by Harry Flosser.".
Jörg Linke, Linke wine trading company


Smart Wines
"For a long time, we have cherished the desire to create a cartoon unusual for the wine industry. We were able to finally implement the project with Harry Flosser in the spring of 2017."
Smart-Wines wine trading agency, Cologne


chigolf logo 1a "Harry is an artist, who understands and lives his craft.  He understands the process of creation and has original ideas.  It is fascinating to see how a stroke of the pen comes to life as a result of a life of dedication to his art."
Johnathan Lush, CEO & Golf Trainer of Chigolf Company


fki logo
"For almost 20 years, we have been working extremely successfully with Harry Flosser Studios. A very fruitful cooperation has developed on the common path. Our goals in the integration of new citizens have been implemented by Harry Flosser in a very sensitive and very appealing way, involving this same person groups in image and sound and film. In this way, we have succeeded in demonstrating a multimedia approach for interested citizens on integration. We look forward to furthering projects and great ideas."
Dr Ernst-Michael Christoph, Managing Director Förderkreis Integration e. V.


 alla logo
"Harry Flosser - brilliant animator and web designer who works with state-of-the-art media technology. His films are funny and fascinating, his studio - a reliable business partner. Our cooperation consists of many years and we are looking forward to continuing it in the future."

Alla Churikova, director, head of the art school, Prof. Dmitry Popov, producer


logo belichtungswert"We have been working with Harry Flosser for many years. The spirit of innovation, interest in success - that's what motivates us every time to get back to Harry Flosser when it comes to marketing and design. We also like the sense of style that forms a large part of our corporate identity.
Thanks for the cooperation!

Dmitri Davies, Photographer, CEO


"Actually, it was a little bit expensive. On the other hand, I already got a lot of things from Harry with a lot of commitment and relatively cheap. The character Charly the sheep has influenced my professional life significantly positively - not necessarily financially, but definitely emotionally."

Stephan Koegl, Schäferwirt



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"We've worked together with Harry on several projects and really enjoyed the results. He is a person who truly cares about the quality. The process may not always be the fastest but the eventual results are always worth it. Even many years later it is pleasant to look at what was produced back then."

Dr Alexander Sokol, TA Group Board member